Welcome to our research group!

The Mechanics of Advanced Materials Research Group carries out multi-disciplinary research into the response of advanced engineering materials to various types of external loading and environmental conditions, using a combination of analytical, numerical and experimental techniques.

Analysis of deformation processes, damage evolution as well as failure initiation and development allows us to predict the properties, performance, reliability and structural integrity of modern materials and the components and structures made from them.

Among the materials we are currently working with are composites, polymers and adhesives, lead-free solders, steels and alloys, biomaterials, sports materials, ceramics and ceramic coatings, polymeric foams and non-woven fabrics.

Main research areas

  • Computational mechanics and micromechanics of microstructured materials
  • Multi-scale analysis of damage and failure evolution in advanced engineering materials
  • Effect of in-service loading and environmental conditions on performance of components and structures
  • Effect of microstructure on effective properties and performance of advanced engineering materials
  • Mechanics of advanced materials under vibro-impact loading


3 September 2015
The website is live!

At long last the MoAMRG website has launched :)